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Hidradenitis Suppurativa - Images of Stages

Because hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is often mistaken for an infection, a long delay in diagnosis is not uncommon.1 Dermatologists typically assess the signs and symptoms of HS on a scale - these categories are developed from a clinical measure of severity called the Hurley scale:1,2

Hurley stage I

Single or a few isolated boils without sinus tracts (narrow channels that form under the skin and break out on the surface) or scarring1,2,8

  • These tender bumps generally start as firm, pea-sized nodules. Since they typically are red, the nodules are often mistaken for acne or an ingrown hair2-4

Hurley stage ll

Recurring boils in single or multiple areas with scarring and sinus tracts1,2

  • Recurs frequently leaving scars with normal skin in between5,6

Hurley stage lll

Widespread boils with multiple interconnected tracts across the affected area1,2

  • Multiple boils and scars with no normal skin left between them6
  • May be associated with an unpleasant smelling discharge2,7


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